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I subscribe to "Ideal Bite" which is a website with eco-friendly tips for our daily lives.

They recently sent out one of their daily tips. The tip was to donate with the click of your mouse to world organizations for aid. It's a great way for your family to help others, especially in this season where you may feel your wallet a little light. Here is the daily tip (you can also read it here):

Can you save the world with the click of your mouse?

The Bite

Yep - no fancy finger work necessary. Give your index a little rub and go to one of the web's many no-cost donation sites, where just by clicking, you raise money for good causes.

The Benefits

  • Digit-al goodwill. These websites are supported by ads; when you click, sponsor dollars go to rain forest conservation, AIDS research, animal welfare, and books for kids, among other things.
  • Nail-ing boredom. Still waiting for Perez Hilton to update his blog? Fuel spare minutes into saving the planet.
  • It's freakin' free.

Personally Speaking

Many of us have had slow office jobs or internships where we spent half our time IM-ing friends and reading blogs - especially during the holidays. Think of the rain forest we coulda saved if we'd known about this tip back then...

Wanna Try?

  • Add these sites to your web browser's bookmarks, and try making a habit of clicking once a day.

Click to Donate
  • CharityUSA - family of donation sites including the Rainforest Site and the Breast Cancer Site.
  • Care2 Click2Donate - click to conserve land, help kids, and stop violence against women. Log in to track your clicks over time.
  • TheNonProfits - links to over 50 different click-to-donate sites.

  • Care2 Email - help different social justice and eco-charities with your free, donation-linked email account.
  • Free Rice - game that brushes up your vocab - each answer you get right, you'll donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program.
  • GoodSearch - search engine powered by Yahoo; it donates 50% of revenues to charities that users like you choose.

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