New Season

I am finding a new season upon me. Nothing has changed dramatically in the last little while, it just like change is in the air and I have caught it like a virus. I don’t know what is or will be but something will happen.

I am sitting on the ferry retuning to Vancouver from Pender Island, just for the weekend. My parents have a cottage/cabin there. For those not knowing BC well, it is one of the Southern Gulf Island, between the mainland and Vancouver Island. It was a time of relaxation, crab-eating, quilt making and visiting.

My blog has fallen to the wayside for the last few months. I needed to gather my thoughts and figure out what the point was. I don’t know if I’ve figured it out yet, but I decided to just get back to it and figure it out as I go along…

I also got a new laptop and I am trying out the “Windows Live Writer” that comes with Vista. We’ll see how it goes. Nice that it allows me to type up an entry without being logged into the internet, of course I will need to be to post it. I guess I could also write them in Word and transfer them over, but I thought I’d give this a try.

Speaking of “new seasons”, it also seems to be baby season and I have several friends having little ones soon. I started a belated shower gift this weekend, a little baby quilt. It’s from a panel called “ToyBox”. I put the top together, with Mum’s help and will hopefully have it finished shortly. I also have one that is a wall hanging with Peter Rabbit, that needs to be quilted. Another friend’s shower is on this weekend, my plan is to embroidery some bibs and perhaps pick something up too. I should have photos up this weekend. My addiction to Charm Packs hasn’t ceased either. I picked up about five on EBay last month. Some with plans, others without. 

Now that I have made several promises of further postings, I must keep on top of those and will chat with you loveys later.

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