To Re-purpose

Recycling has become important in our daily lives, we have to keep our planet healthy for the future generations. Re-purposing has become quite popular in the crafting community. There have been several books written on the topic. One of my favorites is "Sewing Green" by Betz White. It's a beautiful book, and while I have not made anything from it yet, I love all the concepts in it. I'm planning on whipping up and few projects from it and writing a review for y'all in the coming weeks.

Thrift stores are full of treasures for most, some consider them junk, but I have found some great things there. My Mum is an excellent thrift store shopper, she usually knows exactly what she's looking for. Most of the purchases are re-purposed for her art and her fabric packs that are specifically dyed in beautiful colors. You can view them and purchase them at

It's not all about art and crafting when it comes the thrift shopping.
A few years ago, my parents bought a little place on Pender Island, on the of the Southern Gulf Islands in BC. I would say that she furnished and supplied it with about 85% garage sale and thrift store finds. It's terrific!
One of my friends, Christina, is a fabulous shopper at any time, but thrift store shopping is a great love, she's found some amazing deals!

Here are some examples that I have found in my web travels, enjoy!

Recycled cashmere scarf -- robins egg blue, argyle, pale green, butter yellow by Raging Wool

modern art sculpture - using re-purposed, recycled picture frame in greens and chartreuse from cpstudios

Avon, Antique Silver Spoon Ring includes Care and Cleaning Kit by Revisions

Repurposed Drawer as Jewelry Display by bluebirdheaven

Recycled Vintage Embroidered Pillowcase Dress and Bloomer Set by ChirpandBloom

La Piccola inner tube wallet by GalStudio


  1. That jewellry drawer/wall hanging is fantastic. What a great idea. I completely agree about repurposed items. Not only are they unusually inexpensive, but they have such a fun history. Love your blog!!!

  2. I like to keep things out of the land fill too! So its a "win, win" or shall I say "save, save" situation!