Precious Bundle...

Well, my precious little nephew was born on January 23rd. He's so wonderful!

Big Feet, right? :)
So it's time to share some of my projects I've mentioned in my last few posts.
Here's a baby related one. One of the few things my sister specifically requested from me was a handmade diaper bag. We went back and forth on the patterns and settled on this one: The Hip Mama Diaper Bag. I lined it with PUL, which is a waterproof fabric and the outside is a heavy cotton from IKEA, so nice and cheap :) Anyway here are some pictures:


  1. OMG Bronwen, this is so cute! Awesome job, now I want one for my next one!

  2. Sooooo cute! Both your nephew and the bag. However, I am definitly in love with that amazing bag. I'm thinking it's somethig I could use to haul around my make-up in....Ha