Rue Magazine

Just thought I'd fill you on one of the latest online magazine issues that have come out.
RUE Magazine has come out with Issue 5

It's a fantastic issue and I highly recommend you take a look! The Studio Tour of PR Panache is amazing, my little cubicle at the office certainly comes no where near it, but I am now looking for a great red chandelier to hang in it, haha.
It just screams SUMMER with great entertaining ideas and plenty of tips. I LOVE the videos that they have of their photo shoots with really great soundtracks, check them out!
My favorite design duo The Novogratzs from Sixx Design have one of their designs featured, which is great to see, along with all the other home decor features.
They have a great column portraying bloggers as well, and this issue is Ez from Creature Comforts and Jan from Poppytalk (YAY for our LOCAL GAL!!!).
This is definitely one of my favorite online publications. It has fantastic photography and I love all the contributors. One to watch and look for great things to come! CHECK IT OUT!!


  1. Ooooo, I love this magazine. Thanks for the post and the heads up!


  2. Sounds great, thanks for the info!