Wedding Wednesday

Well, here we are for our first Wedding Wednesday! I thought we'd show you the first item we have purchased for the wedding.

Purchased from the20minutegift on Etsy

Yep, it's a birdcage! As with anything in a vintage DIY wedding, this still has quite a way to go. We purchased this for the gift/card table from Etsy for the cards to be put in. We are planning to add ribbon and possibly different flowers in the color scheme, but we are still working on the color scheme, which really is an ongoing process.  So we'll be showing you the finished product once we've gotten it and made it vintage-y :)
Here are some examples of the color options that have come up in our discussions:

As you can see it they fall into similar schemes of pastels. I'm loving the corals, mints and teals. They looks so great together and very popular this year. Don't you love the flowers in the bottom photo!!

What are colors schemes that you love or you had for your wedding?


  1. Those floweres in the bottom picture are PERFECT....where did they come from? We must find out pricing.....xoxoxo

  2. Love, love, LOVE!!! I wish I was getting married again just so I can go on etsy and get cool things! My faves on Etsy are full of stuff I covet for weddings!