Wedding Wednesday - Bouquets

So some of our latest discussion on the wedding have been flowers and specifically bouquets. Christina's not a fan of the big, traditional bouquet arrangements, so we've been looking into some alternatives.

From rule42 on Etsy
DIY from The Sweetest Occaison
From rule42 on Etsy

I love the pinwheels. They are great for color and you can have little ones for boutonnieres. They'll put smiles on the faces of all your guests. :)

From Noaki on Etsy
From BloomsberryFloral
These jewelry bouquets are just so pretty and so unique. They can be arranged completely differently, with adding ribbon or tulle. The fun of scouring all the vintage shops and using family heirlooms is priceless.

From BloomBridalFlowers on Etsy

From Ardesign on Etsy
 Feathers are a fun alternative. They can be mixed in with flowers, or used completely on their own. 

From BluePetyl on Etsy
Christina knows I love buttons... and she "loving" makes fun of me all the time. So I had to include a button bouquet as well. xo

Have you seen any different or unique styles of bouquets that you loved?


  1. Ack, they are all sooooo pretty. How are we going to decide which ones we like the best?


  2. These are all super cool ideas! I've seen some very pretty t-shirt flowers. Here are some tutes:

    I saw one once where long strips of white tshirt were folded lengthwise, then gathered along the raw edge and rolled into rosettes then hot glued tightly together onto a large styrofoam ball to make a big white flower like a hydrangea blossom. You can then stick a wooden dowel into it for carrying!