Wedding Wednesdays - Backdrops

Well, we're still at the planning and idea gathering stage for lots of things for the wedding. So when I decided to do the post on wedding ceremony backdrops, I really didn't think there would be much to choose from. I was very very wrong... I found some interesting and unique ones, as well as some kinda boring ones. Of course I'm not going to post the boring ones, haha.

photo from

Photo from Talia Events

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings

Photo from JonasPeterson

Photo from AltMixPhotography

Photo from StephanieFay

Photo from CeremoniesIDo

Photo from GreenWeddingShoes

I love the "True Love Is a Big Deal" sign! The paper cranes are great, but I'd hate to be the one folding them all. The little house is just amazing!!
Which is your favorite? Have you seen any unique ones that are completely different than the ones I found?


  1. Sigh, I love them all for different reasons however, my two faves are the "True Love" sign and the last one. I think we can easily make either one of those


  2. I like the bower at the top, simple and effective. But, thats me, simple!

  3. I like them all. But in particular I like #2, 4, 5 and 6. :)
    I really like the house / birds nest one. I like how they seem to be inside it. it just seems really artsy but not in a harsh manner. :)