Wedding Wednesdays - Centerpieces

So to recap, my friend Christina is getting married next year and we are planning a vintage DIY wedding. So we are throwing out ideas on my blog, as her's isn't really DIY-esque.
This week we're looking at some centerpiece ideas.

From MyDIYWedding

From IntimateWeddings

From DIYWeddingExpert

From UnitedWithLove

From Solothais

From OnceWed
It's hard to get away from flowers. I just have a hard time seeing centerpieces without them and it seems to be the same for most people.

What are your favorite things for centerpieces? I would add a ton of candles to all of these too :)

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  1. Candles and tons of vases for sure!!! I am loving the last one you showed. It's my favorite style for sure