Wedding Wednesday - DIY Cake/Pie Stands

Here we are, back to Wednesday again. Time sure is flying by! Today for Wedding Wednesdays I thought we'd to take a looky at DIY Cake/Pie Stands. Christina & Allan (our bride & groom) are liking the pie idea for the wedding instead of cake. I think it's a great break from tradition.

Tutorial from OnceWed

This one is quite cool because I just love the materials!
DIY Cake Stand
From Flickr
It's flower pot bases!!! How cool is that!

DIY Cake Stand Instructions
Also from Flickr

From TheKitchn
From CakesOnTheSide
From Tangarang

From PepperDesign

I gotta admit, the first one is my favorite. I love the rustic-ness of it! What I really love about all of them is how easy them all seem. I think it'll be fun to try them out. 

What's your favorite? Have you ever made a DIY project like this before?


  1. They are all really cool actually. I really like the first two. :)

  2. I agree with Ang. I love the first two. I told Allan about the tree trunk ones this morning and he seemed pretty on board with them!!!


  3. I like them all, maybe you can make one for dinner this weekend!