Wedding Wednesdays - PlaceMats vs. Table Runner

Back again to Wednesday! This week our debate or discussion has been on placemats vs. table runners. Christina and Allan (our bride & groom) have been discussing and may or may not have come to a decision... 

Here are some great placemats

From WeddingGuideAsia

From WeddingBee
From CakeVintage

From LibbyJames

From ohSmile

And now for some table runners

From Ruffled

From MarthaStewartWeddings

From StyleMePretty

From WeddingBee

From RubyYeoPhotography

My personal favorite is the craft paper table runner. Throw some crayons on the table and you've got some great spontaneous artwork (which you can choose whether or not to keep ;)).

What are you favorites? Have you seen other cool ideas?


  1. Yes yes yes brown Kraft paper is teh way to go. Thank god you're the one with all these great ideas!!!


  2. craft paper is a cool idea.. as long as it is thick enough to hold up to possible spills... :)
    and as long as you don't have dorks as guests that get drunk and decide to draw something explicit or something.... O_o
    place mats just seem like a lot more needless work...

  3. You're right, Ang... it does have to be a heavy one and knowing some people we may get some explicit drawings, haha.
    I think the craft paper is the way to go. Now we have to come up with some cool ideas for storing the crayons on the tables! FUN!!