Wedding Wednesdays - Candy Bar/Buffet

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have never been to a wedding with a candy bar/buffet before, but our bride and groom (Christina and Allan) are considering it. So I have been doing a little research on them. They can be so fun and colorful with all the different types of candy.
Here's a few that I found that I thought were FUN!

From ElizabethAnneDesigns

From MyWedding

From ProjectWedding

From HillCountryWedding

From HurricaneJane

From BudgetDreamWeddings

From TheCityRooms

I have to admit, the more vintage looking ones are my favorites :) I just add to the decor and are still such a treat!
Have you been to a wedding with a candy bar/buffet before? What did you think of it?


  1. I completely agree with you. The vintage looking ones are definitely my favorites too. I LOVE the second one a whole heap but the one with the dressers is awesome too.....there are way too many decisions


  2. Sounds like fun! Count me in.....