Wedding Wednesdays - Ceiling Drapery

One of the things you don't initial see when you enter a room is the ceiling. The location Christina and Allan (remember, our bride and groom) doesn't have the greatest ceilings right now, so they need a little dressing up.
Here are some options I found when scouring the web:

From ChairCoversChina

From theKnot

From EventCeilingDecor
From WeddingCreative

From WeddingBee

From Glenbrook
There is a lot to choose from out there with so many different options. I think we'll be going with twinkle lights for sure, to add ambiance to the evening... The bottom photo is actually from the location, so we know it can be done :)

Do you have a favorite or have you seen something else you like?

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  1. So, I LOVE the look of the last one. And how funny is it that it's from our venue!!!