Wedding Wednesdays - Hat Trick

I thought for our Wedding Wednesday post this week, I'd do something a little different. We've gone over the typical decor and all that... so I thought why not hats! I've had a thing for hats this season and I've bought a couple for winter.
Do you remember the hats at the Royal Wedding? Some were subdued and others were just outrageous! Hats are a big deal at British weddings, royal or not. I took the to world wide web to see if I could find any others that were unique and fun, some for the bride and a few for the guests!

From PremierLife

From LisaWallerRogers

From Bride

From BridalWeddingPhotos

From BrideChic

From BrideChic

From BashEventsNW

From TheHatMaker

And to finish off with, a nice "little" collection:

From PhilipTreacy

Have you seen any hats recently that you love?

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  1. So I adore hats BUT since my hair is still a bit too short, I feel quite boyish when wearing them. However, the third one down is adorable. On that note, the hats from the royal wedding were hideous. I get that they are very high fashion there but, come on, some of them were just awful