VMQG / FVMQG Potholder Swap

In November, the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and the Fraser Valley Quilt Guild held a potholder swap. I've never made potholders before (as you may be able to tell). Here they are. I didn't get a photo of the back... 

HOWEVER, look at the amazing ones I got from Debbie in the mail!

All of my faves: green and birds!! YAY!! They are too wonderful to use!


  1. Wasn't it a great swap? Your potholders look great and the ones you received are obviously made with care so they'd fit your taste!

  2. yours look awesome, don't worry about them! i love the colours you used.

    and yay for the potholders you received! i love how much effort everyone in the swap put into details to suit their partner!

  3. love your blog. I am impressed with the potholders! love the nature theme of birds and green colors. Truly one-of-a kind potholder.