Wedding Wednesday - Bar Menus

Hello lovelies! The Christmas season is soon upon us and I honestly think, there's nothing like it. But let's step away from that and think to the weddings. A lot of the weddings I have been to, and I'm sure you have too, have had an open bar. Most brides and grooms who host their own wedding (not in a hotel or something like that) will provide an open bar but with a more limited selection. These selections usually fill everyone wants, so there is never a problem. However, instead of having the bartender list off everything they have, a bar menu is the way to go. Here's a selection of a few DIY bar menus:

From 100LayerCake

From RuffledBlog

From WeddingBee
From GreenWeddingShoes

From StinkerPants

From PrintJulep

From MlovesM
From WeddingBee

From GreenWeddingShoes

Have you seen bar menus displayed differently at weddings or even other events? Share your thoughts... :)

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  1. So many cute ideas! I love the third one down. It's definitely my favorite