Wedding Wednesday - Ties vs. Bow Ties

Opps, one day late :)
I like to think of this as the great tie debate.... ties vs. bow ties. To be completely honest, I can't decide, I love them both! I really love the DIY ones with lots of patterns! Here are some to try and help you decide which side of the debate you're on! :)

From FromUndertheWillowTree

From AustinWeddingBlog

From CoryRyan

From CoryRyan

From JWShootsYou

From WeddingWindow

From MyWedding

From PrudentBaby

From DanaGrantPhotography

From WeddingBee

From WeddingWindow
There you have it... have you picked a side?

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  1. I love bow ties I really do. They look so dorky and yet adorable on men. However, Allan will NOT wear a bow tie...honestly, I've tried and with the bridesmaid dresses being a print, I'm guessing the guys will be wearing a solid color tie.....hopefully turquoise???