Wedding Wednesdays - Guest Book Ideas

Happy Wednesday!! Sorry about missing last week, but I had the nasty flu. 
We are in countdown mode here for Allan and Christina's fall wedding and things are falling into place so well.
We've had a lot of discussions and one of them has been on guest books... so I pulled in some ideas.

I love the vintage-ness of the hankies! I collect vintage linens, so this one is a bit of a favorite. The couple had guests sign the hankies and they are planning to make them into a quilt.

From WeddingBee
 Have your guest sign different areas on a world map, great for a destination wedding or a wedding with a lot of out-of-town guests.

From WorldofAmici
How about having your guests create a special note for the couple, using various colors. They can then be binded into a book or added to a scrapbook.

From MarthaStewartWeddings

Really cute with the envelopes already in a book! Then the notes can be added by the guests and opened by the couple all at once or on special occasions.

From NeverKnewALoveLikeThis
I've seen this one a few times now. A photo of the couple is made into a puzzle and the guest sign the puzzle pieces. Very cute!

From Wedbits
Great for the organizer, as can be used later for an address book.

From PaigeOneEvents
I love this one! The guests sign little butterflies and then they can be added to a book, keepsake box or adorned on the wall of the couple's place.

From PaigeOneEvents
This one is also a favorite! The guests put their thumbprints on the tree and sign beside them. I just this is such a cool idea!

From PoptasticBrides
If you choose to go with some type of cards, have them hand bound in a book like this one. I love the range of colors it produces!!

From GayMontereyWeddings

Have a camera handy and have guests take photos of themselves and then sign where their photo will go.

From NeverKnewALoveLikeThis
A wishing tree. Guests add their well wishes on little tags that hang from branches or a little tree.

From BridalBuds
 And finally some fun pages for guests to fill in. They can draw pictures and use different colors.

From BowtiesAndBliss

Have you seen any different guest book ideas that you would use?

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  1. You know what's funny? I'm starting to think that maybe we should do #4 instead? I am loving the little book with envelopes....ha