Wedding Wednesday (on a Friday)

I apologize for my tardiness with this post. I am away visiting one of my fabulous sisters and meeting my beautiful new niece! I wasn't able to get online until now!

As you may have previously read in my blog, my friends, Allan and Christina, are getting married this September. We have been busy scouring Etsy, Ebay and the rest of the web to find some amazing little details.

Here are some of the things we've found and purchased!

These cute little custom made cake/pie toppers are perfect for the vintage feel of the wedding. They add a little fun and whimsy.

This is a great cake/pie stand we found on Etsy and it's a perfect color for the scheme!!

Christina and Allan are planning a great Candy Buffet! These are some custom "goodie" bags for the candy!

These are some labels for the jars on the Candy Buffet!

And finally, here are some fantastic frames for the tables! We're not doing numbers though, so you'll have to tune it for that!

That's all for now... as we find more we'll let you know! xo


  1. This wedding is going to have so many fun details! I wish pinterest had been around ten years ago when I was planning my wedding!

  2. YAY, thanks for the awesome post Bronwen!! Yes, all of these little goodies are going to be perfect for the event and i can't wait to pick them up this weekend