Wedding Wednesday - Shoe Clips

 Hello everyone, Happy Wednesday! Remember the week is half over!!
I'm a shoe gal, I love looking at shoes and dreaming of wearing them. So in anticipation of the upcoming wedding, I've been looking at shoes. I love the way you can dress up a simple pair of heels with shoe clips. You can interchange to make a completely new look too! Here are some of my favorites I found online, a couple are even DIY!!

From GreenWeddingShoes

From BPoetic on Etsy

From FinkShop on Etsy

From FinkShop on Etsy

From GreenWeddingShoes

From Brides

From ThePinkBook
Are you a fan of the shoe clip? Have you seen some other ones that are different that the ones I found?

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  1. GORGEOUS!!! The 6th one down is definitely my favorite BUT my shoes already have some great detailing on them so this will not be one of my DIY's that's for sure....

    However, there is always the bridesmaids....