Wedding Wednesday - Veils

Well hello there... I've been absent due to my little vacation. Christina did a fabulous Wedding Wednesday post in my absence on her blog "Red Lip Gloss" be sure to check it out!

Today I thought we'd explore veils. Whether you love them or hate them... everyone has an opinion on wedding veils; short, long, really long, lace or no lace...
Here's a variety that I collected:

 I think these first couple are fairly traditional...

From Beauty and the Groom 

From Weddings R US
 Some lace ones...

From Designs by Kristen
From AliExpress
From Designs By Kristen
 Some super long ones...

From Cheap Wedding Veils

From Cheap Wedding Veils
My personal favorite... the birdcage

From Ruffled
There you have it, a quick veil round up. Which do you prefer to go with? Are you more of a traditional gal or do you like to be different and live on the edge with some feathers added?? :)


  1. I am in LOVE with the birdcage style veils absolutely. However, that first lace one is too cute.


  2. I didn't wear a veil but I think they're lovely!

  3. Oh God I love veils, they can be so angelic all the way to edgy and fashion forward. That's why my pics have to be the first one by kristen and the Ruffled veils...depending on the dress I personallly would love to wear either of those and I could totally see Christina wearing a pimped out Ruffled veil : )

    1. I can totally see you in the first one by Kristen too!! So beautiful! Thanks for the comment! xo