Wedding Wednesday - DIY Projects

I thought we'd do something a little new on our Wedding Wednesday post this week, a few DIY projects.

The first one is a three tiered stand from Paint Me Plaid, it was created for jewelry, but it could easily be adjusted for size to display all kinds of things at a wedding... cupcakes is what I'm mostly thinking of. You can find so many designs to cover it with so it can be completely unique.

From PaintMePlaid

Second one are these fabulous votives from FellowFellow. They are so cute and look amazing when lit up! And they are completely customizabl with all the different shaped jars available and the GAZILLON fabrics. It's a good way to dig into scraps.

From FellowFellow

Last and most certainly not the least are some painted vases from Sugar and Charm. This is definitely not a specific wedding DIY, well, really none of these are, but I love that you can just pick some vases up and your local thrift shop and create these beautiful pieces.

From SugarAndCharm
 What are some of your favorite DIY projects you've seen?

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  1. EECK, I love them all. This post made me very excited. Particularly for the little votive jars. I'm thinking we should make them for the wedding....what do you think?