New Office Chair - Part Two

I was hoping there would only be two posts for the new office chair, but there may need to be a part three...
As you can see, I got most of it done ;) I'm quite happy with it. I think the camera got a little dizzy with the print.

Then the problem... I can't figure out how to finish the back. There was this awkward band around the back, that I had to cover up. I'm guessing that I need to create a panel. Has anyone used the spray glue? I'm wondering if that would work here...

 Any helpful ideas??

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  1. Nicely done! You will need to create a panel but its not difficult at all. Find some fusible stiff interfacing like Timtex and cover that with the fabric. Then glue it onto the back with a hot glue. Thats the way I'd do it.