Flow Magazine

My friend recently went home to The Netherlands for a quick trip and I asked her to pick me up a copy of Flow Magazine. She thought I was crazy since it's all in Dutch, but I had read online that it was a fabulous magazine anyway and it didn't disappoint...
I always find that European mags always have fabulous giveaways. Nearly every copy of Mollie Makes that I have came with some cute little thing and Flow Magazine was the same. It had a great little notebook in the middle that was just so pretty. Here's a few photos of it to share.


Artist Interviews

Front of Notebook

Middle of Notebook

Artist's Muses beside art that was created of them, I think :)


"A Cheerful Magpie Nest"

Cute little magazine that, who knows when I will get again... 

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  1. Very cute but it would annoy me to know I can't read anything.