Garden Update

Just figured I'd give everyone a little update on my spring/summer project, my little balcony garden. I am loving it! I've only managed to kill my lavender plant, so I need to replace that guy, but otherwise, things are going well. I've already harvested lettuce from my salad mix and I think I'll be harvesting the spinach soon. Herbs are generally available as well, but I may have let the chives grow a little too much since some of them have bloomed.

I have a new addition, my beans! You can see them just coming up. Love the trellis, I still need to anchor it to the railing.  

I have some cucumber seeds too, if the weather would just warm up a bit more, then I'll add them to the mix!

How are your gardens going, if you have them? What would be your ideal thing to plant?


  1. Awe you are so lucky, that looks absolutely fabulous! How convenient to have some herbs and veggies right on your patio. Good for you!