Wedding Wednesday - Hair

Hello lovelies! I'm a day late with this post, but better late than never. I thought I'd do a post on bridesmaid hairstyles, but realized, of course, this could be for anyone...
I found a couple great tutorials as well, gotta love 'em.

From Tumblr

From ThisIsNotBarbie

From HighHeelsandFashion

Tutorial from Duitang

From Hair

Tutorial From IKnowHair
While all of the above are for mostly long hair, which I don't have, it's not so easy to find styles for shorter hair. I did find a few though...

From ShortHairStylesWithFlower

From HairStylesfor2012

From HairStyleInc

From SloDive

From ShortCurlyHairStyles

I think my favorite is the Ashley Judd one, it's just quirky and fun... what's your's??


  1. OMG!! That third one down is GORGEOUS!
    I wonder if Renate can do that for my hair


  2. Bronwen I love the very last pic for you, to suit that vintage feel but also work with your hair colour and length. There are also a few side buns I love from the tumblr pics...those are always so elegant and flattering. You are going to be gorgeous : )