Wedding Wednesdays - Groomsmen Shoes

Every now and then, any wedding chaos, we need to stop for a minute and think about what the guys in the wedding party will be wearing. You know, it can be just as important as us gals...
We've looked at some attire for the guys before: ties, wedding bands and hats... but now for my favorite accessory... SHOES!
I love guys in sneakers at any time so I love them even more when they are dressed up, but still in sneakers :)

From GangstaBride

From TheSweetestOccassion
From CreativeDesignEvents

However, there's something about a guy in a good pair of oxfords or the like...

From ElizabethBailey

From WeddingBee

From Lyla&Blu

I don't show a lot from what we decide to go with for Christina and Allan's wedding, but I thought I'd show you what was chosen for the guys shoes. I love them, great mix of the sneaker look and the more dressier shoe. The guys are going to look great!

From Reef
What kind of shoes do you like guys in? Would you want him in something completely different for the big day??

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  1. I had really wanted the guys in Chuck's (converse runners) but the guys vetoed it. It could be because I choose turquoise chucks...either way, the shoes we chose are awesome