Wedding Wednesday - The Finale!!

Well, it isn't a Wednesday anymore, but here it is, boys and girls... the long awaited photo recap of the amazing wedding of Christina and Allan!!

The very dapper Groom and groomsmen
The Bride and her lovely maids (haha!)
The reveal photo, first time seeing each other!
Checking her out!
All of us!
Christina's awesome peacock feather shoes!!
Custom made sash from Etsy... can't remember the seller, sorry.
We all tried to do this shot, but couldn't get the timing right. It's perfect with the two of them!
All of us again!
Our crafty side coming out... Handmade signs
Christina and her Dad
All of us... Isn't the backdrop awesome! Wish I had a closer photo!
Beautiful dried bouquets! The colors were amazing. Also from Etsy...
Fun shot!
Obviously, the rings :)
Mmmmm... Pies!!
Cutting the pie!
Christina's beautiful sister and Maid of Honor, Lisa (and her bass player & boyfriend, Justin). She is so incredibly talented. She serenaded them with "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri
Candy Buffet

 I wanted to point out that all of the photos were taken by Jennica Hookstra of JH Photography. She was great at getting all the candid shots, don't you think?
Christina and Allan took an amazing honeymoon to Bali and you can follow their adventures on their new travel blog: The Antsy Travelers.

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  1. The wedding, and planning, has come to an end and I couldn't have done it without you. Seriously. Love you!