Holiday Gift Guide - Shopping for a guy in your life...

There have been a few guys added to my Christmas list in the last few of years as my siblings have gained significant others. :) Sometimes, I'll admit, they aren't the easiest to shop for. So, I put together a gift guide that I think they will mostly all go for, maybe a few more than others...

 Flap Jacks from LazyOne

Handmade Journal from Etsy

Handmade Wine Rack from Etsy
From LazyOne

From Etsy

Bottle Opener from Etsy

Custom Guitar Pick from Etsy

BBQ Rub from Etsy

Speaker from Etsy
From LazyOne

Bread Conditioner from Etsy

Handmade Iphone case from Etsy
Toiletry Kit from Hammacher

There you have it. I tried to fit in a few things each for each of the guys in my family. Would anything fit for one of the guys in yours??

Happy shopping!

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